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The function of power battery thermal management system


The function of power battery thermal management system
Because the temperature is too high or too low, it will directly affect the cycle life and performance of the lithium battery, and may lead to the safety problem of the battery system, and the long-term uneven distribution of the temperature in the battery pack will cause the battery modules and cells Uneven performance, therefore, battery thermal management system is necessary for electric power battery system. Reliable and efficient thermal management system is of great significance for the reliable and safe application of electric vehicles.
The battery pack thermal management system has the following 5 main functions:
1) Accurate measurement and monitoring of battery temperature.
2) Effective heat dissipation and ventilation when the battery pack temperature is too high.
3) Quick heating under low temperature conditions.
4) Effective ventilation when harmful gases are generated.
5) Ensure the uniform distribution of the temperature field of the battery pack.