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Battery Accessories - Battery Fuel Gauge Meter

Waterproof coulomb meter power display meter capacity detector

Compatible with the following batteries:

Lead acid: 80V50Ah



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Rated capacity: unlimited (mah)
Standard voltage:0-120(V)
Charging current: unlimited 0-75(A)
External dimensions: 47*41*14 (mm)
Applicable type: battery and equipment with battery
Product certification: others
Applicable product model: battery pack UPS EPS mobile power supply emergency power supply
Charging time: unlimited
Battery type: lithium battery/lead acid/lithium iron phosphate
Dimensions: 47*41*14
Standard capacity: unlimited
Material: ABS-PC
Charging voltage: match with the battery
Storage temperature: - 20 ° ~ 60 °
Working temperature: - 10 ° ~ 50 °
Net weight: 600 (g)
Scope of application: lead-acid/lithium battery/lithium iron phosphate battery
Minimum capacity: universal
Warranty period: 1 year
Cell standard: 3.2v / 3.7v /12V
Internal resistance: same as the battery
Factory voltage: nominal
Load voltage: no limitation