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BMS/PCM/PCB - Li-ion/Li-Polymer BMS PCM PCB

BMS D596V1 for 74V 20S Li-ion/Li-Polymer Battery Packs (30A Charge, 60A Discharge)

1. Protection Circuit Board for 74V 20S Li-ion and Li-Polymer battery pack;

2. PCM applies for 14 cells Li-ion/Li-Polymer battery pack with E-Switch integrated, E-Switch can totally turn off the output;
3. To prevent the battery packs from overcharge, over discharge, over current, over temperature ,short circuit ;
4. With cell balance/equilibrium function;
5. Compatible with both Li-ion and Li-Polymer cells; 
6. How balancing function works? After battery pack is fully charged. PCM will detect each cell's voltage and trim higher voltage down until other cells reach the same voltage level. Therefore, it helps cells have longer service life.
7. PCM comes with all the voltage detection wires and connectors.
We keep materials in stock only, we need around 3-7 days for samples productions. 

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Content Criterion
HCX-D596V1LI20S60A-01 214AF 20S-60A working current
Charging voltage 74V
Maximal continuous charging current 84A
Maximal continuous discharging current 60A
Current consumption ≤100uA
Overcharge Protection
Over charge detection voltage 4.25V±0.025V
Over charge detection delay time 700mS-1300mS
Over charge release voltage 4.05V±0.05V
Over Discharge Protection
Over discharge detection voltage 2.80V±0.07V
Over discharge detection delay time 80mS-170mS
Over discharge release voltage 3.00V±0.1V
Over Current Protection
(1st Protection)
Over current detection current 180A±18A
Detection delay time 174mS-406mS
Release condition Cut load, automatically recover
Over Current Protection
(2nd Protection)
Over current detection current 300A±30A
Detection delay time 10mS-25mS
Release condition Cut load, automatically recover
Short Circuit Protection
Short circuit detection current >=630A
Detection delay time 100uS-600uS
Release condition Cut load, automatically recover
Balance voltage for single cell 4.20V±0.025V
Balance current for single cell 126mA±15mA
Inner resistance ≤20mΩ
Operating temperature range 0~+85℃
Storage temperature range 0~+85℃