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Energy Storage System - Energy Storage System

Stackable LiFePo4 ESS With Hybrid Inverter & Solar MPPT Controller

• LPESS48VSKF01 is an all-in-one Energy Storage System designed with stackable 48V Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery modules and hybrid inverter module includes solar MPPT system, easy to use, simply wired-up then plug-in to use,
• Battery module is with Battery Management System integrated, nominal voltage at 48V, rated capacity at 100Ah, with ModBus / RS485 & CANBus & UART communication protocols,
• Battery Modules can be stacked up to scale up more capacities and increase system power, upto 15x modules can be stacked up,
• The hybrid inverter module comes with 5KW pure since wave design, with solar MPPT controller built in as well, please reach out for the detailed specifications of the hybrid inverter (we also can integrate other brands inverters too),
• LiTech levels up the battery safety into another level by installing fire prevention system - automatic fire extinguishing, prevention and control of thermal runaway and fire inside the battery box.

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* Type: Prismatic Battery pack
* Cell:  LIFEPO4 Prismatic Cell
* Nominal Voltage (V): 51.2V
* Capacity: 100Ah per Module (can stack upto 15X Modules)
* Max Continuous Discharge Current: 100A per module
* Battery Charging Current: 100A per module
* Weight:45kg ± 1kg per module
* Dimensions:483 x 442 x 180 mm

* Avg. Temperature Ranges for:
   Charging: 0~45°C
   Discharging: -20~60°C
   Storage: 0~35°C


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