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Energy Storage System - Energy Storage System

LiTech Power LiFePo4 48V PowerWall Energy Storage System

• Energy Storage System - LPPW48V100AH16S1PF001 is a PowerWall type designed 48V Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4) rechargeable battery pack with Battery Management System integrated, nominal voltage at 48V, rated capacity at 100Ah, with ModBus/RS485 & CANBus & UART communication protocols.
• Compatible with most major PV inverters, Such as Growatt, SRNE, MUST, Deye, GOODWE, SOFAR, Victron Energy...
• With LiTech advanced technology, when paralleling up multi batteries, the system automatically assigns parallel slaves addresses, unlike others need manually dail the DIP Switch for the address assigning.
• Supports parallel connection upto 15x modules, easy to install on a wall or a rack.



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* Type: LiFePo4 battery pack
* Nominal Voltage (V):48V
* Capacity: 100Ah
* Max Continuous Discharge Current: 100A
* Battery Charging Current: 100A
* Weight: 45kg ± 3kg
* Dimensions: 480 x 442 x 180 mm 

* Avg. Temperature Ranges for:
   Charging: 0~45°C
   Discharging: -20~60°C
   Storage: 0~40°C

How does the system work?

a) Working Diagram

b) Power up your whole house.

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